Pirate Pete's Memory Card Game Print Out

Pirate Pete has always had trouble with his memory so to help him
practice remembering things his crew got together and invented a
little game called Pirate Pairs


1. Spread all cards face down on the table.
2. The oldest pirate goes first.
3. Choose two cards.
4. If they are a pair keep the cards and go again. If they are not a pair turn face down on table again.
5. Person to left of oldest pirate goes second.
6. The winner is the one with the most pairs at the end of the game.
The trick is to remember which drawing were where!
You can print out yer own Pirate Memory card game on A4 paper or card. Then carefully cut out the cards.
Read all instructions afore yer start!

Set yer printer to Landscape orientation and set it for "Fit to page" setting.

Simply click on the "Side 1" button.

Page should open in new window
Print Out 2 copies.
return to this page
Click on the side 2 button

Print Out 2 copies.
Be sure to print "Side 2" on the back of "Side 1"
Then carefully cut out cards