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When asked "What did you like about Pirate Petes Show?"

Griffyn: "When I buckled up my Mum, that was a bit wierd. The counting, he couldn't count"
Addison: "When Pirate Pete glued his hat on to his head"
Pranav: "Pirate Treasure"
Lexie: "When his hat fell off"
Brielle: "Playing his guitar"
Ethan: "I liked Pirate Petes guitar"
Bronx: "When he got here and he is funny"
Jacob: "When he was funny he wouldn't let people get their stuff. His hat kept falling off"
Ben: "Singing songs"
Hannah: "Singing and he didn't know the parts of his body"
Sienna: "When his hat fell off"
Rowdy: "The singing, his songs were funny"
Holly: "Singing. He didn't know his ear"
Ruby: "The songs. He got his body wrong"
Adelaide: "I liked the funny stuff. When his hat kept falling off I laughed a lot"
Sarah: "I liked Pirate Petes song about going backwards and forwards. He was so funny"
Angus: "I liked his music. It was so funny when he put Mums and Dads in handcuffs"
Raph: "I liked how Pirate Pete went to put the eye patch on the Dad and it blasted off"
Millie: "I liked his music. He was funny"
Carly: "It was funny when Pirate Petes hat kept falling off"
Keira: "I liked all of the funny things"
Imogen: "looking at all of Pirate Petes Treasure"

"You smell like coconut!"...during a show in western NSW 2013

May 2013 and Pirate Pete were back at Ross Circuit Preschool.
These were some of the comments..

Brianna: "I liked when his hat fell off!"
Thomas: "It was funny when his hat fell off and he used sticky glue."
Nikiah: "He was silly when he coudn't count his fingers."
Zachariah: "I liked to dancing and singing and when we did it really fast!!"
Chloe: "I liked when his hat fell off."
Jessica: "I liked the dancing."
Seth: "Singing and dancing."
Dave: "I liked his hat falling off."
Georgia: "I liked the dancing and singing and he was funny."
William: "I liked him doing the funny songs, I laughed a lot."
Zaima: "I liked the funny songs."
Klaire: "I liked it when he used the glue for his hat."
Jayden: "I thought he was funny when he used sticky glue to stick his hat on."

Kaitlan from Melba Preschool were overheard by a teacher
saying...."Pirate Pete is the funniest Pirate I have ever heard..." (March 2013)

A letter from the childrens at Ross Circuit Preschool after a visit
from Pirate Pete.

Dear Pirate Pete,
Thank you for Coming to Ross Circuit Preschool on Thursday.
Red Group would like to tell you how much they enjoyed the show!

Jack: "He had a guitar"
Elissa: I liked his songs"
Deacon: "His hat kept falling off"
Samuel: "I liked his boots. They had heads on them"
Jaryn: "I though he was funny"
Cody: "When he went backwards and forwards, his hat fell off!"
Rylen: "I liked his hand cuffs"
Eliza: "I liked the songs"
Katie: "I liked when he was singing"
Isobel: "I liked the way he told us to jump"
Tom: "When he sang 'smelly feet'"
Darcy: "Treasure!!- A whole box of it!"
Sam: "Singing 'smelly feet'"
Luke: "I like Pirate Pete dancing and singing"
Raine: "I liked the treasure"
Sienna: "I liked the smelly feet
Mrs Thurling: "I liked Pirate Pete's story about being eaten by a shark"
Mrs Parker: "I liked Pirate Petes clothes"
Mrs Muller: "I liked Pirate Pete making everyone laugh"

We hope you had a good time visiting our preschool
Happy sailings!!!
from Red Group

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