When Pirate Pete sailed into town
All the children gathered 'round
Like moths to a flickering flame
He sailed on through
With his cockatoo
Children shouting "He came, he came!"

Be-decked in gold
Like pirates of old
He sang 'bout his pirating days
Told tales of treasure
Found at his leisure
And mosquitoes as big as WHALES!

We sang and we danced
Some Dads and Mums PRANCED
(after they'd been shanghaied)
When he tried to count
And mixed his words about
We laughed 'til we almost cried

He gave us scarves thin
(To keep our brains in)
And we patted Charlie - his bird
Then he waved good bye
With a smile and a sigh
And left with a piratin word - Aaarrrggghhh!!