Big Jack's Toes

In Noosa there lived a young pirate, known to his mates as Big Jack
Who loved to go fishing at weekends to a codhole he'd found off a track
One steaming hot Saturday morning Big Jack left the boat rather late
And he realised, crossing the creekbed, he'd forgotten to bring any bait
'Never mind!', thinks Big Jack, 'I can dig some' and there in the deep oozy mud
He sees masses and masses of wormcasts - 'Now that's where my bait can be dug!'
It was then as he scraped at the wormcasts a big crab grabbed a hold of his toe
And Big Jack made high silly noises and bade the poor crab to LET GO!
Well by now Jack was a-hopping on three toes (the crab was still hanging on two)
Till he dipped his hot toes in the water, salt water so cool and so blue
However, the cod had all heard him and moved clear away from the spot
And though Jack tried his hardest all morning, the crab was the one bite he got!
Here's a lesson Jack learned from his sore toes and keeping them cooling all day -
If you want to catch fish for your dinner, don't frighten the poor things away

Written by Goldie the Pirate