Pirate Pete

Pirate Pete was really neat
He had feathers in his hat
And boots on his feet
Rings on his fingers
And a patch on his eye
And a golden tooth
That we did spy
He sang songs for our pleasure
About great white sharks
And hunting for treasure
And pirating larks.
He taught us sea chanties
And how to pirate dance
He shanghaied some groan ups
And gave them a chance
To look like real pirates
And act like them too
Yes Pirate Pete
Made a hullabaloo
Before he left
He showed us his chest
Filled with jewels amd booty and gold
Treasure he'd found
Whilst roaming around
Each with a tale to be told
We gave him a hand
And he gave us a band
To keep our pirate brains in
We laughed
As he joked
About pirating folk
And waved him goodbye
At the door
Maybe some day
We'll see him again
And we can be Pirates once more

- Julie Kavanagh (Emerald Kindy)