Mermaid Song

Swim through the deep shining rockpools
Up to the ripples of foam
There to be caught by a fisherman's net
Far from the place I call home, dears,
Far from the friends I have known

My long golden hair is all tangled now
My carved coral necklace has gone
My crown of bright jewels is covered in weeds
And my hair is all twisty and torn, dears,
I wish I had never been born

Sail away, sailor, but come back to me
Don't leave me trapped, where I cannot be free
I'm not a fish - I can grant you a wish -
Or the kiss of a mermaid, if you'll rescue me

Shimmering coral coves, glimmering palaces,
Mermaids are waiting there, calling to me,
Swimming with seahorses, rainbow fish, angel fish,
Singing the colours and sounds of the sea
Please, rescue me