PIRATE GAMES with Pirate Pete.

Here is a brief summary of what happens.

Pirate Games are aimed at the pre-school to eight year old age group and
commence with easy to follow singalong action songs.
Pirate Pete leads the interaction from the front, sitting on his treasure chests.

Then its games time.
The first series of games revolve around a ship's sail.
The young pirates grab hold of the sail's edge and follow the captains orders.
The sail rises and falls with the wind and encounters storms etc.

Pirate Pete turns the sail into a treasure cave fer crawling through,
a hammock for swinging on and an ocean full of dolphins and sharks.

The sail games are followed by the magic islands game.

Pirate Pete brings his own islands and anchor rope.
The rope goes round the islands, the young shipmates hops around the whole
lot till music stops, everyone jumps on an island and then we decides which islands is out.

Pirate Games runs for an hour and is suitable fer groups of up to 150.

You can view pics from recent Pirate Pete performances on the Captains Log

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