Now shipmates if yer've travelled this far into Pirate Pete's website
and not seen at least one picture of these things yet yer eyesite must be
as good as me very own.

This is what pirates wears around their heads so their brains don't fall out.
Every pirate should have at least one.

They is approximately 1.2 metres long by 4cm wide screenprinted poplin -
Order and pay in Australian Dollars with yer credit card using Paypal.
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Write yer order and send with cheque made payable to Galactic Entertainment to:-

Galactic Entertainment
P.O. Box 44
Bardwell Park NSW 2207

Each pack of 10 headbands costs A$10
(price includes postage and handling - Australia only).

Each pack of 25 headbands costs $A20
(price includes postage and handling - Australia only)