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Pirate Pete is based in eastern Australia.
He is keen to meet as many people as he can
so will be out and about touring during 2018
Check itinerary to see when Pirate Pete will be in your area see rough guide below.
To enquire about a date, The Pirate's availability and costs email captain@piratepete.com

School, Preschool and Kindergarten bookings can be made online at https://piratepete.net.au/bookings How can we help each other?
All you has to do is let Pirate Pete know that you would like to see him at your function.

It goes without saying you might have to dangle some booty
in front of his face to gain his greater enthusiasm
(The more booty, the more enthusiasm)
He is confident you will be satisfied with the entertainment pleasures fer
children and groanups alike that he has to offer in return.

If you browses through the pictorial history in the Captains Log
you can see fer yerself the zillions of smiling faces.

So there it is me Hearties! ANYWHERE in eastern AUSTRALIA during 2018.
Just email captain@piratepete.com and we'll get under way.

This is meant to be a rough guide as to where Pirate Pete plans,
at the start of the year, to travel and when which means it may be subject to change.
More up to date detail can be found on the Performance Log

Itinery 2018

Venues displayed on Performance Log

January Sydney Region
February Sydney Region
March Hunter Region - New England Region - NSW Nth Coast - NSW Central Coast
April Canberra - Geelong - Ballarat
May Albury - Leeton - Griffith - Swan Hill - Central West NSW - Sth Coast NSW
June Sth Coast NSW - Brisbane Region - Nth Coast NSW
July Sydney - Queensland
August Nth Queensland
September Queensland - North Coast NSW
October Canberra - Sth Coast NSW
November Canberra - Sydney
December Sydney