A Pirate Sailed To Sea One Day    



A Pirate sailed to sea one day
Just to see what a pirate might see
He sailed for days and when he got out to sea
He looked all around but all that he could see was sea

A Pirate sailed to sea one day,
To search for treasure hidden in a cave
He searched and he searched until the treasure he found
He looked all around and all that he could see was gold and silver and diamonds too

Crabs and flies, friendly flutterbyes
Me crew lazing in the sun
Sharks and whales, jellyfish without tails
Octapus with ten legs (not ten legs)
[one two three mumble mumble]Octapus with eight legs

A Pirate sailed to see one day
Because his birdie had flown away
That birdie came back and landed fair in his face
He looked around but all that he could see was feathers

A pirate sailed to sea one day
just to watch all his shipmates play
they played and they played until the sun went down
they looked all around but in the dark they could see nothing at all

Groaning planks, wind whistling through the ropes
Clanking chains, sails slap against the main
Sounds like scarey ghosts to me

A Pirate sailed to sea one day
And seeking adventure along the way
Along came a storm and in the blink of an eye
His ship hit a rock and now his story will never be told
because he’s lost all his gold, that poor old pirate who was so bold.

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