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4th July 2019 – Macksville Preschool

We sailed into Macksville this morning to meet up with me young shipmates at Macksville Preschool.
The Captains job were made easier when this Mum and Dad offered to take over 😁

4th July 2019 – Macksville Preschool2019-07-05T13:07:14+10:00

3rd July 2019 – Nambucca Heads Preschool

Laughter and more laughter were the order of the day at Nambucca Heads Preschool. Some kids from Giiguy Gamambi Preschool came to visit so we had a huge mob there all laughing n kicking their heels.
A lot of the laughing were directed toward me shanghaied teachers 😁😂

3rd July 2019 – Nambucca Heads Preschool2019-07-03T13:19:44+10:00

2nd July 2019 – Sandy Beach Early Learning Centre

It were Millie’s birthday today at Sandy Beach and as a special treat the children picked her to be shanghaied.
She didn’t protest at all. Methinks she’d make a fine pirate. Mel were heaps of fun too n so was the childrens. Hope we didn’t leave anyone out….oops!…. almost forgot the people that was laughing the loudest….the Mums in the room. There that’s everyone 😁

2nd July 2019 – Sandy Beach Early Learning Centre2019-07-02T15:28:03+10:00

1st July 2019 – Goonellabah Preschool

Shiploads of laughing at Goonellabah today. The Captain had a couple of very able helpers too….these shipmates even knows how to kick their heels without even leaving the ground 😁

1st July 2019 – Goonellabah Preschool2019-07-02T15:41:18+10:00

28th June 2019 -Peregian Beach Kindergarten

Pirate Pete has been visiting Peregian Beach fer more than 20 years. In all that time Miss Carmel has been sailing on Pirate Pete’s blindside (under the radar)
That all changed today when she were shanghaied into leading the singing of I’m a Jolly Pirate 😁

28th June 2019 -Peregian Beach Kindergarten2019-07-02T15:42:08+10:00

28th June 2019 – Pomona Kindergarten

Today began at Pomona Preschool. We had plenty of fun methinks. To top it all off the Captain caught up with one of his very own. This is Pirate Pete with today’s volunteer

28th June 2019 – Pomona Kindergarten2019-07-02T15:42:46+10:00

25th June 2019 – Pomona Preschool

The Captain found hisself back in Queensland this morning very close to where he first came ashore many moons ago
We visited Pomona Preschool and had a very fun time didn’t we

25th June 2019 – Pomona Preschool2019-07-02T15:44:45+10:00
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