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6th October 2019 – Boorowa Irish Woolfest Grand Parade

Thought we’d try n be a bit clever …. not a smart thing to do ……
So we strapped on a harness loaded with GoPro with intent to video the Boorowa Irish Woolfest Grande Parade from a Pirates perspective.
Rehearsed using the GoPro and controlling with an iphone …. Don’t forget to install the GoPro Ap …. Aarghh! It’s getting complicated.
End result …. lovely video before the Parade starts … and …. wait for it ….. 1,000 still photos taken at one second intervals.
Sifted through the thousand n stitched together a six minute slide show of the better pics …..

6th October 2019 – Boorowa Irish Woolfest Grand Parade2019-10-08T19:16:57+10:00

17th September 2019 – Silkwood Kindy

There is quite a long story behind this pic and what we had to go through to get it.
The successes n the ones that didn’t work.
That post is below😁
For now we say a huge thanks to these lovely Mums fer helping out at Silkwood Kindy 😂

First we have a pre pic pep talk with emphasis on theatrics

First try with a camera and we notice something not quite right….

A momentary pause to decide whether to say something …. what to say… all that sort of stuff

Point to problem of hands not being where they should be

Finally we gets the money shot …. Hurrah!!

17th September 2019 – Silkwood Kindy2019-09-23T14:57:38+10:00

17th September 2019 – Tully Kindergarten

When we first tried to shanghai Miss Andrea she bolted fer the ladies room.
We waited patiently until she came out then when there no more options she were able to join Miss Niki fer a very fun segment

This Pirate has had some dental work since we last met. On close inspection it looks like there could be some more still to go.
Miss Nat took a selfie so everyone would know who were responsible for the very beautiful chocolate cake that were presented to Pirate Pete to celebrate his 30 years.
Pirate Pete shared his cake with all the children at Tully except fer one who were singled out n not allowed to have any. Then he bolted before the sugar kicked in 😁

17th September 2019 – Tully Kindergarten2019-09-23T14:59:36+10:00

16th September 2019 – Innisfail Kindergarten

We let our hair down n had fun at Innisfail Kindy.
Three lovely Mums volunteered to help out.
Just as we was about to start another Mum in the audience moved sideways n we caught sight of the Dad hiding behind her.
Being a special day we held up proceedings long enough to shanghai ourselves a Dad as well.
We could tell he was a pirate from before cause he wouldn’t stop asking fer rum. 😂

You could see Pirate Pete’s eye light up when he caught sight of this gold bullion heading his way.
It’s not very often we find gold bars at kindy.
Today we did, cause the lovely teachers at Innisfail is old friends n they know how much Pirate Pete loves his gold ….. and chocolate ……add the two together and age carefully  👏 😁

16th September 2019 – Innisfail Kindergarten2019-09-23T15:00:25+10:00

11th September 2019 – Yorkeys Knob Treasure

Another great source fer Pirate Pete’s treasure gathering is Yorkeys Knob Kindy.
We’ve been visiting here ferever n have found plenty of bangles n bracelets n trinkets.
It’s a lovely silver bangle this visit.
Sadly too small fer Pirate Pete to put on his wrist n too large to put in his ear but just right fer his treasure chest….meant to be 😁💕

11th September 2019 – Yorkeys Knob Treasure2019-09-12T08:43:32+10:00

11th September 2019 – Kuranda Kindergarten

As soon as we saw Superman walk in to Kuranda Kindy we just knew who one of the shanghaied groanups were going to be. 😂
His reputation is intact.
The other were a complete surprise we had sighted another Dad but he took off.
Then this Mum said I can do anything any ol Dad can do even if I is wearing a back brace n jumped up to volunteer herself.
Great work shipmates! 😁

11th September 2019 – Kuranda Kindergarten2019-09-12T08:36:56+10:00

11th September 2019 – Yorkeys Knob Kindy

Methinks the delegating of who were to be shanghaied didn’t go according to plan at Yorkeys Knob Kindy.
We wasn’t a part of the plan but we did notice a bit of finger pointing in another direction during the lead up to Miss Lisa being selected 😆
Very entertaining.

11th September 2019 – Yorkeys Knob Kindy2019-09-12T08:33:05+10:00

11th September 2019 – Atherton Kindy

The teachers at Atherton kindy was running a book we wouldn’t make it to the second show at Yorkeys Knob on time.
If we was a gambler we woulda cleaned up….made it to Yorkeys Knob kindy with a minute to spare….Ha!
What a happy looking crew we had at Atherton.
We rarely encounter a teenager at kindys so to catch three at the same time is pretty amazing.
Great fun sailing with yers shipmates 😃

11th September 2019 – Atherton Kindy2019-09-12T08:29:03+10:00

10th September 2019 – Atherton Kindergarten

We almost didn’t get this pic at Atherton Kindy as silly Pirate left his phone outside.
Everybody held their breath while Pirate Pete raced out, grabbed it n was back in time to capture this magic moment.

10th September 2019 – Atherton Kindergarten2019-09-10T14:17:08+10:00
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