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3rd September 2019 – Bucasia Kindergarten

Went fer a cruise to Shoal Point, our favourite Mackay area spot.
On the way back thought we should do something useful n visited Bucasia Kindy.
Lucky we did. Turned out to be Pirate Day.
These Mums was giving the childrens a lesson in pirating so Pirate Pete joined in

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30th August 2019 – Treasure haul

 The Captain could be fergiven fer considering a life after pirating as Treasure Hunter.

Leaving Mackay Kindy after a show with plenty of time to get to the next show just around the corner.

Loading treasure chests into the back of the faithful van that gets us from show to show when something (perhaps a glitter) on the road near the last chest caught his one good eye’s attention.

We looked a little closer

It wasn’t til we looked even closer that we realised we was on the verge of an archeological discovery of momentus proportions

It were a coin from an earlier civilisation….possibly left there by the Ancient Romans when they built the Bruce Highway in the 15th century

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30th August 2019 – St Francis Xavier Kindy

There were a new kind of fun to be had at St Francis Xavier when we found out there was groanups as well as childrens n teachers.
We secretly thought it were very quick of the teachers to discover the benefits of having parents n grand parents visit fer Pirate Pete shows.
There were plenty to choose from n somehow we wound up with this crew.
Well done me hearties……happy to sail with you again even if you don’t feel the same way 😁😁

30th August 2019 – St Francis Xavier Kindy2019-08-30T14:39:18+10:00

30th August 2019 – Mackay Kindergarten

We only made it halfway along the plank on our way into Mackay Kindy.
Made it all the way across on Tuesday so we figured the odds was against us doing it twice in a row.
The vision of PP with arms full-o-treasure chests diving off plank face first into kindy floor might scar for life…..or…….might be the funniest thing anyone’s ever seen 😁
Big thanks to Grandad n Mum fer their invaluable help 👍👍👏👏

30th August 2019 – Mackay Kindergarten2019-08-30T14:34:20+10:00

29th August 2019 – Walkerston Kindy

We returned to the scene of Tuesday’s mind slip at Walkerston Kindy where we didn’t finish with a pic n didn’t know why.
We was tempted to lay blame fairly n squarely on Miss Peta fer not taking pic but we knows she’s too nice to do anything like that.
Today we reached the point in show where we hand the ships iPhone to the days photographer (Miss Peta) we remembered the void two days earlier.
We mentioned the no photo in phone and asked who took the pic n that’s when we copped the big fat cold fish slap across the face….
“You didn’t take a photo….AND…..you didn’t dress up the shanghaied groanups”……
Oops! 🤪
We was very lucky to have Miss Jan there today…..she were dressed up and we remembered to take a pic 😄

29th August 2019 – Walkerston Kindy2019-08-29T21:21:10+10:00

29th August 2019 – Pioneer Kindy

We gets the feeling, looking at pic, that one of me crew were not as enthusiastic as the rest of us.
Don’t understand how that can be we all went thru the same training

It’s always a good day when you finishes it with more treasure than you started it.
Methinks Pirate Pete got the best end of this deal.
Yer can see fer yerself Pirate in pic is very happy to be getting rid of some old unwanted treasure.
I can assure you Pirate Pete is more than happy to take it off yer hands.

Lotsa stuff going on at Pioneer today with teacher and children birthdays and cakes and Pirate Pete.
Johns Mum brought in a big tray of Pirate cupcakes to share with classmates.
Pirate Pete were allowed first pick.
There weren’t time to take a pic of him eating it but we managed to snap a pic of the trayfull
👏👏👏 to Johns Mum fer bringing the cupcakes and a hearty thank you from Pirate Pete fer volunteering to be shanghaied 😁

29th August 2019 – Pioneer Kindy2019-08-29T21:15:24+10:00

28th August 2019 – Awkward Moments – Mackay Cubbie House

Before we get to the story part of this post the reader should be conversant with some aspects of Pirate life.

We meets lots of peoples each year with this pirating thing. Sometimes its the same people year after year and sometimes its different people.

Remembering everyones face is easy but remembering everyones name can be challenge especially so if you have an inherited difficulty in remembering anything.

The Ships Secretary organises Pirate Petes touring schedule these days and presents it to him in the form of weekly worksheets.

It was not always so….The Captain used to ‘organise'(?) perhaps ‘book’ is a better word his own tours.  Too busy doing shows  or racing 150 km to get to the next show in record time to focus much on confirming dates (the way it is done now) is how we sailed. The result of that were occasionally arriving at a venue where no one knows anything about a pirate show. Investigations often showed the person who booked the show stopped working three months ago.

So that were the original reason fer knowing who booked a show before entering a venue so we had a starting point fer someone to blame fer a Pirate being in our kindy/preschool/elc/childcare centre/etc.

There’s a part in the show where if no parents are present the teachers are targetted to be the “shanghaied groanups” .

These are the props Pirate Pete needs on stage to pick up some stray laughs. Despite all the teachers doing their best to vibe off the children doing the selecting we knows they secretly all desperately want to have the shanghaied experience.

We select one, two, three or four children from the audience depending on the size of the crowd. Bring them to the stage, introduce them to the audience, give them all a high five to ease any nervousness they may feel being this close to a REAL Pirate. We then introduce the Captains Manacles to the children, placing a manacle on each child and sending them forth to find their FAVOURITE teacher, clasping the manacle around that teachers wrist and then bringing them kicking and screaming to the stage.

Now to todays story

Today at Mackay Cubbie House we arrived feeling comfortable having been here several times before and remembering having fun and surviving those experiences.

A check of the worksheet says we at the right place and its the right time and the show were booked by Lee.

The show were going along nicely until time to shanghai a couple of teachers. We picked out two childrens to help, we’d tell you their names but that would fly in the face of what we said earlier about not being able to remember anything.

We showed them the manacles, all going good, put them on (its at this point we lose some youngsters n have to rerecruit). “Do you have a favourite teacher? Good. Go and put her hand in here and you bring her back here to me”

In the interest of friendly conviviality when the childrens bring out their FAVOURITE teacher we ask the childrens fer the teachers name.

The first name today were Lee. People standing close by said they could hear a strange clicking sound coming from Pirate Petes brain as he processed that information and then gingerly enquired “Would that be Lee who signs the cheques?” (the last person Pirate Pete would want to shanghai)

A nod of the head………..awkward pause…….oops!…..no way back……push on…..and we did.

28th August 2019 – Awkward Moments – Mackay Cubbie House2019-08-28T13:26:28+10:00

27th August 2019 – St Francis Xavier Kindy

A more formidable crew would be extremely hard to find.
These Dads found theirselves shanghaied at St Francis Xavier Kindy.
During the interview the Captain gauges how restrained we needs to be to avoid offending anyone.
When we got to pics on the internet Dad on the right said something like “I’m not worried, there’s plenty of awful pics of me on the internet “.
Now theres a good one me hearty!
Happy days 😃

27th August 2019 – St Francis Xavier Kindy2019-08-27T20:05:27+10:00

27th August 2019 – Mackay Kindergarten

The teachers at Mackay Kindy was so keen to get this poor Mum shanghaied they pirated Pirate Pete’s script n jumped a couple of paragraphs.
Very funny fer Pirate Pete to watch 😂.
Mum took to pirating like a duck to water 👍👏👏

27th August 2019 – Mackay Kindergarten2019-08-27T19:59:56+10:00

26th August 2019 – Walkerston Kindy

Somebody tricked Pirate Pete at Walkerston Kindy.
The Captain went to great lengths to shanghai hisself a Dad with bandaged foot.
Dads with damaged anything are always good fun trying to kick their heels or the excuses they comes up with when they can’t.
Anyway we had our fun with Dad and Mum too then Pirate Pete’s memory fails him……can’t remember what happened next…..know photo were supposed to have been taken but no photo in phone to commemorate this victory.
One very disappointed Pirate finishing this post……sigh!
Naaa! Can’t finish on a low…. Let’s finish on a Hi…..to Frank the kindy dog with Pirate Pete
Frank has his own Instagram acct follow here


26th August 2019 – Walkerston Kindy2019-08-27T19:48:48+10:00
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