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6th June 2019 – West Bathurst Preschool

Shiploads of fun at West Bathurst Preschool today. I know me shanghaied groanups had fun and methinks the children’s thought they was funny too

6th June 2019 – West Bathurst Preschool2019-06-07T12:17:17+10:00

5th June 2019 – Goodstart Kelso

It were all hands on deck at Goodstart Kelso when Pirate Pete rolled up. Some people was having so much fun they just had to stay past their knockoff time.
Thanks to me crew today ……it were a happy sail ?

5th June 2019 – Goodstart Kelso2019-06-05T17:57:27+10:00

5th June 2019 – West Bathurst Preschool

There was new faces at West Bathurst today and what better way to get to know them than shanghai the lubbers into leading the singing of I’m A Jolly Pirate.
We was lucky to have some longer term teachers (happy not to be picked) to point out the newbys.
A fine job they did too.
There were also a rumour goin round that one of these teachers first saw Pirate Pete while a pupil at West Bathurst Preschool a couple of years ago

5th June 2019 – West Bathurst Preschool2019-06-05T17:51:19+10:00

4th June 2019 – Bathurst Early Learning Centre

We struck it lucky at Bathurst this morning….. A Dad showed up.

Almost all of the staff said a big “Pheww!” except for one….methinks she said something like “Y ME”………? 

4th June 2019 – Bathurst Early Learning Centre2019-06-04T14:44:10+10:00

30th May 2019 – Griffith Preschool

Pirate Pete’s last show in Griffith fer this visit were at Griffith Preschool.
This pair of shanghaied Preschool Teachers are very experienced at singing Pirate Pete songs. They would have to use the fingers on all of their hands to count up the number of times they’ve seen Pirate Pete shows.
They says today “We know all yer tricks! You’re not going to make us look silly today”

30th May 2019 – Griffith Preschool2019-05-30T19:39:46+10:00

30th May 2019 – East Griffith Preschool

They’re a great crew at Griffith East Preschool. Some new faces this year so we had to do the whole initiation thing with them.
You can’t be a Real Preschool Teacher if you haven’t sung I’m A Jolly Pirate with Pirate Pete’s manacles wrapped around yer wrists ?

We received a very special present in the form of a model of Pirate Pete’s very own ship, The Buccaneer. So much work has gone into its construction HUGE THANKS to Annie fer this beauty.
Tucked neatly inside the ship were an intricate little treasure map drawn by Annie and Zarah

30th May 2019 – East Griffith Preschool2019-05-30T19:23:51+10:00

29th May 2019 – Dorothy Waide Centre

The winds were ablowing when we sailed into the Dorothy Waide Centre this arvo. More stormy seas but not rough enough to stop us all from having a very fine time together.
We found ourself some lubbers and they turned out to be pretty cool pirates too

29th May 2019 – Dorothy Waide Centre2019-05-29T18:07:31+10:00

29th May 2019 – East Griffith Preschool

Plenty of fun being had at East Griffith Preschool this morning. The Captain found a couple of willing helpers.
The willing helpers not these two but the children who dragged these shanghaied groanups out the front to do pirate actions?

While looking thru the treasure chest when we last visited Griffith East Preschool someone made fun of Pirate Pete’s cardboard bangle. They tried to tell him it were an empty roll of masking tape and offered to fix it so no one else would make the same mistake.
When we returned today this were waiting fer us and were presented to Pirate Pete.
The Captain is very impressed….thanks shipmates

and it fit snuggly back on The Captains wrist

29th May 2019 – East Griffith Preschool2019-05-29T18:00:52+10:00

28th May 2019 – Griffith Preschool

Tried to get this pair to give me a hearty “Aaarghh!” fer the camera at Griffith Preschool today n we even rehearsed it. Four pics and they’re smiling sweetly in every one. Aaarghh!

Completely surrounded at close quarters we was. Fearing the worst we did want anyone else would do….we grabbed a phone and started recording.
In an earlier post we mentioned shanghaied groanups smiling sweetly. Here we have added those images to the chant

28th May 2019 – Griffith Preschool2019-05-29T18:49:15+10:00
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