Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is you a real Pirate?
A. Yes.

Q. Has you got a Pirate ship?
A. Yes, we lives on a Pirate Ship

Q. How did you get that bird to stay on your shoulder?
A. Two little drops of super glue under each foot and she’d sit up there all day.

Q. Is that real gold?
A. Yes.

Q. Have you got a sword?
A. Yes but it stays on Pirate Petes ship as the doctors are sick of sewing fingers and ears back onto childrens.

Q. What did you do before you was a Pirate?
A. We used to be a fairy

Q. Where does a Pirate live?
A. Anywhere he wants to live.

Q. How come you dance a lot?
A. Not sure although it seems to happen shortly after a sip of rum

Q. Do you have a crew?
A. Yes. It would be very difficult to sail me ship without a crew, not impossible mind you, cause Pirate Pete can do just about anything.

Q. Why don’t you bring your ship?
A1. Because it is too heavy
A2. Because you can’t sail on a road
A3. It doesn’t have any wheels
A4. Then I’d have to bring me whole crew as well and they whinges a lot and always want feeding.

Q. Do you have a REAL ship?
A. Yes. Thought we covered that earlier

Q. Do you have your boat on your trailer?
A. The car Pirate Pete …errr!.. borrowed…. from the docks…. didn’t come with a tow bar sadly otherwise he may have considered bringing his boat on a trailer. It would have to be a very big trailer.

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