7th November 2019 – Aberdeen Preschool

Hot day in Aberdeen till we went in the Preschool.
Thinking how nice when air con is going on a hot day and thoughtful of folk turning it on.
Five minutes later a couple of teachers came in n said “We better turn the aircon on so Pirate Pete doesn’t get too hot”
During the show these two pirates jumped up n asked if they could help with entertaining the children. 😁
They did a excellent job

7th November 2019 – Aberdeen Preschool2019-11-08T08:39:48+10:00

5th November 2019 – Tillys Bolwarra

Took on the training of some new crew at Bolwarra …. did I hear someone say “….where!?”
We used our Good Pirating System to discover its just a cannonballs lob to the north of Maitland NSW 😁
We found some children excited to find a real pirate in their centre
Looking back at the pics we found too many good uns to just post one …. so we didn’t 😁
Well done Shipmates …. great fun!

Just needs one to get the ball rolling ….

Then the second one starts up ….


There yer go. Job done … Celebrate!

5th November 2019 – Tillys Bolwarra2019-11-11T19:58:24+10:00

4th November 2019 – Avoca Hillside Preschool

A mighty fine surf were running and we almost made it to the beach before we remembered why we was in Avoca…..to visit Hillside Preschool.
Very happy we remembered…..met some lovely people and had a very fun time

4th November 2019 – Avoca Hillside Preschool2019-11-05T19:49:37+10:00

29th October 2019 – Taboorie Childcare

Thinking we was going somewhere new but as soon as we hit the car park we knew we’d been here before.
What a fine bunch of young pirates hang out there now at Tabourie Childcare

29th October 2019 – Taboorie Childcare2019-11-05T19:45:00+10:00

28th October 2019 – St Lukes Preschool

Methinks we may have to revise our teaching technique after today’s failure in Wagga.
Obviously too much emphasis on the mouth area and not enough on the arms n hands.
Not only did the lubber have his hands in the wrong place….the Captain were having so much fun he didn’t even notice. 😁

28th October 2019 – St Lukes Preschool2019-11-05T19:38:01+10:00

24th October 2019 – Spence Preschool

It’s always a celebration fer Pirate Pete and teachers alike when some of the childrens brings a groanup with them to see Pirate Pete’s Show.
Fer the groanups it’s a learning process…..
…learning about trusting pirates….or not.
Here we is at Spence Preschool with a very fine pair of pirate crew

24th October 2019 – Spence Preschool2019-10-24T14:23:07+10:00

23rd October 2019 – Precious Momentz

An energetic crew were at Precious Momentz.
Spurred on no doubt by the likes of these two.
Jolly Pirates indeed….lots-o-fun….Thks shipmates 😀😀

23rd October 2019 – Precious Momentz2019-10-23T19:47:06+10:00
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