11th September 2019 – Yorkeys Knob Treasure

Another great source fer Pirate Pete’s treasure gathering is Yorkeys Knob Kindy.
We’ve been visiting here ferever n have found plenty of bangles n bracelets n trinkets.
It’s a lovely silver bangle this visit.
Sadly too small fer Pirate Pete to put on his wrist n too large to put in his ear but just right fer his treasure chest….meant to be 😁💕

11th September 2019 – Yorkeys Knob Treasure2019-09-12T08:43:32+10:00

11th September 2019 – Kuranda Kindergarten

As soon as we saw Superman walk in to Kuranda Kindy we just knew who one of the shanghaied groanups were going to be. 😂
His reputation is intact.
The other were a complete surprise we had sighted another Dad but he took off.
Then this Mum said I can do anything any ol Dad can do even if I is wearing a back brace n jumped up to volunteer herself.
Great work shipmates! 😁

11th September 2019 – Kuranda Kindergarten2019-09-12T08:36:56+10:00

11th September 2019 – Yorkeys Knob Kindy

Methinks the delegating of who were to be shanghaied didn’t go according to plan at Yorkeys Knob Kindy.
We wasn’t a part of the plan but we did notice a bit of finger pointing in another direction during the lead up to Miss Lisa being selected 😆
Very entertaining.

11th September 2019 – Yorkeys Knob Kindy2019-09-12T08:33:05+10:00

11th September 2019 – Atherton Kindy

The teachers at Atherton kindy was running a book we wouldn’t make it to the second show at Yorkeys Knob on time.
If we was a gambler we woulda cleaned up….made it to Yorkeys Knob kindy with a minute to spare….Ha!
What a happy looking crew we had at Atherton.
We rarely encounter a teenager at kindys so to catch three at the same time is pretty amazing.
Great fun sailing with yers shipmates 😃

11th September 2019 – Atherton Kindy2019-09-12T08:29:03+10:00

10th September 2019 – Atherton Kindergarten

We almost didn’t get this pic at Atherton Kindy as silly Pirate left his phone outside.
Everybody held their breath while Pirate Pete raced out, grabbed it n was back in time to capture this magic moment.

10th September 2019 – Atherton Kindergarten2019-09-10T14:17:08+10:00

3rd September 2019 – Bucasia Kindergarten

Went fer a cruise to Shoal Point, our favourite Mackay area spot.
On the way back thought we should do something useful n visited Bucasia Kindy.
Lucky we did. Turned out to be Pirate Day.
These Mums was giving the childrens a lesson in pirating so Pirate Pete joined in

3rd September 2019 – Bucasia Kindergarten2019-09-10T14:10:47+10:00

30th August 2019 – Treasure haul

 The Captain could be fergiven fer considering a life after pirating as Treasure Hunter.

Leaving Mackay Kindy after a show with plenty of time to get to the next show just around the corner.

Loading treasure chests into the back of the faithful van that gets us from show to show when something (perhaps a glitter) on the road near the last chest caught his one good eye’s attention.

We looked a little closer

It wasn’t til we looked even closer that we realised we was on the verge of an archeological discovery of momentus proportions

It were a coin from an earlier civilisation….possibly left there by the Ancient Romans when they built the Bruce Highway in the 15th century

30th August 2019 – Treasure haul2019-08-30T15:14:00+10:00

30th August 2019 – St Francis Xavier Kindy

There were a new kind of fun to be had at St Francis Xavier when we found out there was groanups as well as childrens n teachers.
We secretly thought it were very quick of the teachers to discover the benefits of having parents n grand parents visit fer Pirate Pete shows.
There were plenty to choose from n somehow we wound up with this crew.
Well done me hearties……happy to sail with you again even if you don’t feel the same way 😁😁

30th August 2019 – St Francis Xavier Kindy2019-08-30T14:39:18+10:00

30th August 2019 – Mackay Kindergarten

We only made it halfway along the plank on our way into Mackay Kindy.
Made it all the way across on Tuesday so we figured the odds was against us doing it twice in a row.
The vision of PP with arms full-o-treasure chests diving off plank face first into kindy floor might scar for life…..or…….might be the funniest thing anyone’s ever seen 😁
Big thanks to Grandad n Mum fer their invaluable help 👍👍👏👏

30th August 2019 – Mackay Kindergarten2019-08-30T14:34:20+10:00
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