28th May 2019 – Griffith Preschool

Tried to get this pair to give me a hearty “Aaarghh!” fer the camera at Griffith Preschool today n we even rehearsed it. Four pics and they’re smiling sweetly in every one. Aaarghh!

Completely surrounded at close quarters we was. Fearing the worst we did want anyone else would do….we grabbed a phone and started recording.
In an earlier post we mentioned shanghaied groanups smiling sweetly. Here we have added those images to the chant

28th May 2019 – Griffith Preschool2019-05-29T18:49:15+10:00

27th May 2019 – East Griffith Preschool

Back in familiar territory this morning at East Griffith Preschool in front of a fine bunch of young pirates all keen to learn something more about pirating.
A couple of them was so enthusiastic they jumped up n helped the Captain with his Jolly Pirate song

27th May 2019 – East Griffith Preschool2019-05-27T19:00:53+10:00

24th May 2019 – Goodstart Leeton

We found ourself in front of some very excited young people in Leeton this morning.
Then a technical gliche forced a run to van for backup guitar lead ….just what one needs at start of show.
In the early days a combination of these two factors would have been rough sailing but after 30 years on the Pirate Seas it were but a Pleasure Cruise…..and made more fun by me shanghaied crew of volunteers ?
Thanks Shipmates.

Footnote : We understand Sam has been bragging about being the childrens choice of Favourite Teacher two years in a row and challenges all comers to try and take the title off her ?

24th May 2019 – Goodstart Leeton2019-05-26T12:48:44+10:00

14th May 2019 – Albury Preschool

13th May 2019 –

Back with some wonderful long time friends at Albury Preschool this morning. Methinks we all had a very fun time but we is thinking we might choose a different photographer when we return tomorrow.

We had ourselves a very fine time at Albury Preschool this morning thanks largely to the participation of these two Dads….great sports the pair of em.
What a great photo…… ? to the photographer fer managing to get everyone in the pic ???

14th May 2019 – Albury Preschool2019-05-14T18:38:02+10:00
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