12th August 2019 – Yeppoon n District Kindergartens

There’s an awkward moment when shanghaied parents tell you they was picked last time we visited here.
It becomes more awkward to hear “this is the 3rd time you’ve done this to me”.
For one unfortunate Dad we heard “this is the 4th time…..”
Today there was a tiny awkward moment with last years victim, the Mum in the middle.
That moment was interrupted by the announcement that there were a Dad hiding round the corner out of Pirate Pete’s line o sight.
So we ended up with three shanghaied groanups at Tucker St in Yeppoon.
They all turned out to be great pirates 😁

Quick sail around the corner and we was at the gates to Queen St Kindy

Once kindy teachers have seen Pirate Pete a coupla times they become keen to help Pirate Pete………..pick other people to be shanghaied.
Such was the case this morning at Queen St Kindy Yeppoon.
Before we’d even thought about the need to Shanghai anyone we heard from a delegation of teachers who unanimously voted for the only Mum in the audience. One position filled.
Realising we needed another all the teachers present pointed at the one teacher who were momentarily distracted. There she is in the middle.
The Captain had fun 😄

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9th August 2019 – Moura Kindergarten

Shiploads of laughter at Moura today. Even Pirate Pete had hisself a little chuckle to hisself.
This Dad thought we was joking when we said we pick on groanups who don’t rub their tummy.
Can see where he ended up 😁😁😁
Devinas Mum were loads of fun too till she snatched her prize n ended that game

9th August 2019 – Moura Kindergarten2019-08-10T11:49:19+10:00

8th August 2019 – Coo-Inda Kindergarten

Second show today were at Coo-inda Kindy where we found a different Mum n Dad and they did just as good a job as the first lot

Oh…Almost fergot…. In mid show at Coo-Inda today, in front of the whole audience a young fella told Pirate Pete his breath smelt NICE.
Never heard of such a thing 😂

A coupla handfuls of hard currency fer the Captains Treasure Chest. A little bribery so the Pirate doesn’t steal anything while at Moura Kindy.
As the photo reveals the treasure were happily given n not sneakily pinched
No swords were used in the creation of this pic

8th August 2019 – Coo-Inda Kindergarten2019-08-10T11:56:30+10:00

8th August 2019 – Biloela Kindergarten

Last year when we visited Biloela were the first time in history the Captain made it to each of his three shows at the designated time.

With a schedule that allows 15 minutes to finish a show, pack up, say good bye, leave, get to the next venue, set up and start the next show, then repeat, its not surprising he’s not always on time.

The Pirate appreciates the tolerance shown fer his tardiness.

First show this year were at Biloela Kindergarten and we was off to an excellent start with prime signed parking reserved fer Pirate Pete right at the gate – easy entry / easy exit (tick) These folk really know how to spoil a Pirate

We was lucky to find a couple of experienced pirates in the crowd and they even brought their own outfits

8th August 2019 – Biloela Kindergarten2019-08-10T11:24:27+10:00

6th August 2019 – Trinity College

We had a very fun time at Trinity College today.
Put on a real stage in a real (sound proofed) auditorium. Oh yeah! Lets make some noise.
Actually Pirate had a bit of shock when he found out how loud the crew were.
When we checked with front office less than 100 metres away they hardly heard anything. In fact they talked to folk on the phone who were closer just so they could hear the noise
A grand crew of randomly selected volunteers found theirselves on stage in manacles with the Captain. All asking the same question…..”why me?”

6th August 2019 – Trinity College2019-08-06T21:19:20+10:00

1st August 2019 – Calliope Kindergarten

We had so much fun at Calliope on Tuesday we snuck back fer another round today.
There were lotsa kids there and a bunch of groanups…..and some of them were Dads.
So we rubbed our hands together with secret glee then set about picking which ones would be the most fun to shanghai.

In the end they both pretty well picked theirselves n that’s how we got to this pic. Happy sailing Dads n thanks fer yer help

1st August 2019 – Calliope Kindergarten2019-08-01T21:39:00+10:00

1st August 2019 – Tannum Sands Kindergarten

The Captain were running out of puff during his show at Tannum Sands n wondering how he would get through the energetic Jolly Pirate song.
We glanced down and to our surprise there were a Dad sitting almost at our very feets.
Straight away he were shanghaied. It weren’t too hard to find a Mum either, there were a few of them too.
Off we went n here’s the proof 😄

1st August 2019 – Tannum Sands Kindergarten2019-08-01T21:28:38+10:00

31st July 2019 – Kookaburra Creek Kindy

Tried to sneak up on me young shipmates at Kookaburra Ck Kindy.
Barely stepped out of me land ship before we heard the cry go up.
Caught out we had to go forward and make like we hadn’t seen the treasure chest sitting in the boat parked just inside the door of the kindy.
Secretly we figured we could grab it on the way out…..
Well then we started having fun n forgot all about the treasure n left without it.
Must be gettin’ old…..<sigh>
A jolly crew we sailed with while there

31st July 2019 – Kookaburra Creek Kindy2019-07-31T21:29:59+10:00
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