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Story 1: The Trepary Treasure Adventure


Here we meet for the first time the jolly, funloving
and not too bright crew of the squarerigger, The Buccaneer
who seek and find some very unusual treasure.
In this, the first of Pirate Pete’s Adventures,

we gets to know the character of Pirate Pete,
he’s the captain who quite often forgets things
but that doesn’t matter cause there’s always someone
close by for him to blame for everything

Cut-Throat Kate, she’s the one who does most of
the talkin’ aboard ship so she were a natural choice
as narrator.
Talk the ears off a corn plantation she could.
Lucky she can cook.

Charlie the first mate cockatoo, spends most of
his day on ‘is little perch atop the main mast
keepin’ an eye out for any danger. This one ‘as
the loudest voice of any of the crew and the best
eye as well.

Robbie The Rogue, who is the boatswain on board
the Buccaneer and he is the lucky blighter who gets
to do all the dirty jobs around the ship because ‘ee
is so clever. Ho ho ho!

Our jolly crew of pirates is sailin’ around the ocean
as pirates does when they comes upon a ship sailin’
without a crew. Piratin’ salvage law says yer can
help yerself to what nobody else wants and as the
crew of the buccaneer was pillag…er.. checking
the cargo of a derelict ship they came upon a map
which indicated there were treasure to be had at the
end of the map.

They follow the map to an island laden with strong smellin’
Seein’ as there were no one around they reckoned the booty
were theirs to do with as they liked.

So they buries their own real treasure on this here
island and loads their ship up with this very rare but
dreadful smellin’ cargo of trepary and ships it orf to
the nearest port to trade it for gold and silver and
other fancy stuff.

A couple of other things happens along the way too but
it would take a lot of the adventure out of it all
if yer knew what was to happen next.

This delightful episode runs for around 21.36

Story 2:┬áThe Search Fer “The Seaweed”


After meeting up with an old shipmate, King Kelp
(an eccentric pirate with good memory for treasure
but not people. Our seafaring friends set sail in
search of his missing ship and they soon face
all kinds of danger.

This little story takes up where
story 1:The Trepary Treasure Adventure leaves off,
in the Milk Bar at Port Starfish.The crew of The Buccaneer
is tired of sitting around on land and are keen to take
on a new adventure at sea.

Pirate Pete declares it’s time to go back to the
Trepary Treasure Island and retrieve all the booty they buried
there. On the way back to the ship they is waylaid by a
slimey character called King Kelp, the self proclaimed
and undisputed ruler of the Kingdom of Algae.

It seems King Kelp recognised some of the jewellery
about the boatswain’s neck and claimed it were ‘is own.
Further discussion ensued and it were eventually
agreed the King could have ‘is necklace back and
Pirate Pete and the Buccaneers would help
King Kelp find ‘is lost ship called,
funnily enough, The Seaweed.

All manner of adventure followed and some of
it Pirate Pete actually recorded as it happened.
Snippets of that LIVE action are interspersed
with Cut Throat Kate’s tellin’ of the true events
as they were ahappenin’.

Can’t tell you any more at this stage lest it be
spoilin’ yer listenin’.

This exciting episode runs for around 30 minutes.

Story 3: The Treasure Comes Home


In this story the Buccaneers are puzzled when an
entire island disappears and then reappears, a treasure
map disappears and then reappears and just when they
think the treasure hunt is over……..

Do our heroes triumph in this the concluding episode of our three part story?
Searching strange seas and exploring stranger islands with creatures
you wouldn’t find in any city.
Treasure that appears and disappears where will it all lead us?.