Pirate Pete invites enquiries from Kindergatens, Preschools,
Infants Schools, Primary Schools and Libraries etc interested
in The Pirate performing at their venue.
Pirate Pete is a ‘real’ Pirate.
He has ‘real’ blue leather pirate boots, he wears a ‘real’ Pirate hat
with feathers in it and large golden earrings.

This charismatic character offers two programs to choose from :-
The 40 minute interactive Concert Show comprises easy to follow
singalong action songs based around the Pirate theme.
Pirate Pete brings his treasure chest and displays the contents
at the end of each performance.
This show is best suited for 4-8 year olds

Concert Show : Running Time – 40 minutes (not suitable fer toddlers or babies)
Cost per child – $4: (Groanups free)
Minimum fee per show – $300

The one hour long Pirate Games Show begins with a short concert then
develops into a series of non competitive sail games.
Pirate Pete turns his sail into an ocean full of dolphins and sharks,
a hammock fer sleeping on and a treasure cave fer crawling through.

Following the sail games is the Treasure Islands game.
Pirate Pete brings his own islands and ship’s anchor rope fer this game.
The Pirate concludes this program by displaying his treasure chest.
This hour long program is best suited for 5-9 year olds.

Pirate Games Show : Running Time – 60 minutes (not suitable fer toddlers or babies)
Cost per child – $5 (Groanups free)
Minimum fee per show – $350

In both programs each child receives a Pirate Headband.

Participating Centres receive Pirate Pete Music and Story CDs.

The Pirate brings souvenir pirate eye patches and Pirate Pete flags which can be purchased fer $1 each.

He also travels with Pirate Pete music and story CDs which sell for $7 each.

Pirate Pete has entertained in Schools, Preschools Libraries and
Kindergartens throughout New South Wales, Victoria, ACT, Tasmania and Queensland.

The Pirate has worked widely as a roving Public Relations character in
Arts, Crafts and Flea markets, shopping centres, Festivals and Fetes.
Moving through the crowd with jolly pirate banter and handing out his pirate headbands.

He has entertained at more than 450 private birthday parties.